DESALFACTS   does provide


1. 98% of all UN Countries with detailed water profiles – identify the main water trends driving opportunities and focus your business strategy.


2. dozens of Company -, University - and R&D Institute Profiles (108 detailed of more than 4.300 short profiled) – technical and financial details available. You need a new profile? Get in contact to find out more about partners and competitors.


3. 25 of 52 in-depth technology profiles of all known, upcoming, and future desalination technologies – understand how you can make use of this know-how.


4. several thousends of desalination plant profiles at a fast growing number due to the unique public barter process.


5. more than a thousand desalination patents – categorised and organised in systematic structures.


6. hundreds of R&D Articles – categorised and organised in systematic structures.


7. a functional “Google-like” own (no google!) search engine enabling every user a most selective search over ALL data.


8. the Desalination Business Intelligence (DESAL BI) and Desalfacts Mining tool enabling unreached speed and a combination of DESALFACTS and your own data keeping all data in your house.


9. “Salt Whisper” area talking about things before they become a trend.


10. the “News & Articles” section is giving R&D, engineers and other technical pepole the chance to read the latest news and articles.


Since 2014 partners of DESALFACTS have build up this new platform. In case your business is interested to learn more and participate please get in contact with DME via e-mail.

RSS Desalination News

  • GE wins contract for substation of KSA’s first clean energy desal plant – Saudi Arbia 16th June 2021
    The Yanbu-4 IWP plant will be the first integrated, seawater reverse osmosis project in the Kingdom that uses clean energy. Scheduled to be operational in 2023, Yanbu-4 will have a capacity of 450,000m3 per day of fresh water to be supplied to households in Makkah and Madinah. Located 140km west of Madinah, near the town […]
  • Saudi Arabia aims to be Egypt’s top trading partner – Saudi Arabia 15th June 2021
    Saudi Arabia plans to be Egypt’s top trading partner within five years, said Saudi Commerce Minister Majid Al-Qasabi. He made the pledge at the Egyptian-Saudi Joint Trade Committee on Monday. The minister highlighted the presence of 6,225 Saudi companies operating in Egypt with investments amounting to some $30 billion. (LINK). The post Saudi Arabia aims […]
  • Drought-hit Jordan to build Red Sea desalination plant – Jordan 14th June 2021
    Jordan said Sunday it plans to build a Red Sea desalination plant operating within five years, to provide the mostly-desert and drought-hit kingdom with critical drinking water. The cost of the project is estimated at “around $1 billion”, ministry of water and irrigation spokesman Omar Salameh told AFP, adding that the plant would be built […]
  • GE to build turnkey substation for Yanbu 4 desalination plant in Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia 13th June 2021
    GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions has won a deal from Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction Co. Ltd., to build a turnkey substation that will power the Yanbu-4 independent water producer (IWP) plant. This is the first integrated, seawater reverse osmosis project in the Kingdom that uses clean energy. Scheduled to be operational in 2023, Yanbu-4 […]
  • MCWD guarantee: No water rate hike before 2024 – Philippines 12th June 2021
    THERE will be no increase in water rates until consumers really feel the abundance of the water supplied to them by the Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD). The assurance came from MCWD as it begins to enter into water desalination projects with private companies. “Considering that desalination is expensive, that will have an effect on […]



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