DESALFACTS   does provide


1. 98% of all UN Countries with detailed water profiles – identify the main water trends driving opportunities and focus your business strategy.


2. dozens of Company -, University - and R&D Institute Profiles (108 detailed of more than 4.300 short profiled) – technical and financial details available. You need a new profile? Get in contact to find out more about partners and competitors.


3. 25 of 52 in-depth technology profiles of all known, upcoming, and future desalination technologies – understand how you can make use of this know-how.


4. several thousends of desalination plant profiles at a fast growing number due to the unique public barter process.


5. more than a thousand desalination patents – categorised and organised in systematic structures.


6. hundreds of R&D Articles – categorised and organised in systematic structures.


7. a functional “Google-like” own (no google!) search engine enabling every user a most selective search over ALL data.


8. the Desalination Business Intelligence (DESAL BI) and Desalfacts Mining tool enabling unreached speed and a combination of DESALFACTS and your own data keeping all data in your house.


9. “Salt Whisper” area talking about things before they become a trend.


10. the “News & Articles” section is giving R&D, engineers and other technical pepole the chance to read the latest news and articles.


Since 2014 partners of DESALFACTS have build up this new platform. In case your business is interested to learn more and participate please get in contact with DME via e-mail.

RSS Desalination News

  • Six mega water projects launched in Saudi Arabia to serve pilgrims – Saudi Arabia 22nd July 2019
    Dignitaries in Saudi Arabia inaugurated a number of water projects in Makkah and additional holy sites worth over SR3.1 (US $826 million) billion last week. According to Eng. Abdulrahman Bin Abdulmuhsen Al-Fadhli, minister of environment, water and agriculture, these projects will serve visitors to Makkah and the holy sites. Saudi Arabia plans to receive 15 million […]
  • Acwa Power’s fully owned desalination plant in Makkah opens ahead of schedule – Saudi Arabia 21st July 2019
    Utility developer Acwa Power announced the commercial start-up of a desalination project in Saudi Arabia’s western region of Makkah ahead of schedule. The Shuaibah Expansion II scheme, which has the capacity to generate 250,000 cubic metres of water per day, began commercial operations in May. The plant was built at a cost of $314 million […]
  • Abengoa inaugurates the Shuaibah desalination plant in Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia 20th July 2019
    Abengoa (MCE: ABG/P:SM), the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the infrastructures, energy and water sectors, has inaugurated together with its partner Fisia Italiampianti a reverse osmosis desalination plant in the Shuaibah complex, in Saudi Arabia. The Project is the largest desalination plant built by Abengoa to date, with a capacity of 250,000 […]
  • Serving and retired police officials protest for water in Chennai – India 19th July 2019
    The ongoing water crisis in Tamil Nadu continues to bring residents to the streets in protest. The latest are serving and retired police personnel, who alleged that Metro Water was not periodically servicing their official quarters near Melakottaiyur, a Chennai suburb. Flash protests broke out on Kelambakkam road on Wednesday, as 300 residents brought traffic […]
  • Govt should set up desalination plants on its own – India 18th July 2019
    Gandhinagar: Leader of opposition Paresh Dhanani has demanded the state government set up desalination plants on its own, instead of roping in private sector companies to set up eight desalination plants in coastal areas of the state. Speaking in the Gujarat assembly on Wednesday, Dhanani said that eight seawater desalination plants have been approved, each […]



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