Dusiburg, 15.07.2015

Since 2009 it looks like a growing group of people are looking into bio based desalination processes and organisms. Pharmaceutical industry as well as Chemical industry is performing profound research programs in this very new area of desalting processes. Also the Mining industry is showing big interest in this subject.

Of cause every organism is very small and does produce only a very little volume of fresh water. But two things have to be remarked.

First: we are not talking about only one cell or organism.

Second: natural multiplication does allow a population to grow as much as feeding recourses are available.

Of cause every single organism does have a specific life time and this drives every living organism to grow and multiply.

In some research project researchers are looking into genetic design of new organism, other projects are classifying existing organism, isolating specific trees in order to find high performing specialists.

All this area is in a very early stage of research. But looking into questions of today such as kWh/m³ or brine disposal it looks like as this will become a task in history in the future.

This article is based on global research starting 2009 till 2015 in 1. Patents, 2. Selected scientific articles and 3. Selected literature.

All information and references are available inside DESALFACTS or can be requested for personal use.

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