Desalination Business Intelligence (DESAL BI) and Desal Facts Mining

Most data today can be found via public media or specialised service provider. On top of this most market participants do hold their own data bases internally as well as specific data pool information.

The amount of pure data should be sufficient today. Exactly at this point a lot of the market participants do lose overview and orientation. Next thing happening is the question about the source of data, how old the data are and what type of data does the company need in addition to its own information pool.

Using a Date pool does provide specific added value related to the following creteria. :

1. Quality of Data
2. Relevance of Data
3. Structure of Data

With „DESAL BI“ we do provide for you native access to our database We do provide a specific tool combining your own databases and our database giving access in real-time to all information and specific analytic tools.

Installing our software at a Windows-Server inside your company all data will be in your hand not leaving your protected infrastructure. We will send you due to your request real-time our data with a minimum encryption of 1024-Bit

Alternatively you can make use of our pool hosted tool using very strong encrypting mechanism as well embedding your data with our data. This will give you the same result in analyzing our data in combination with your data. The easy way is only to analyze our data with “Desal BI”.

Due to the way of implementation using the “DESAL BI” tool- due to its very high encryption- may fall under restrictions in the USA. This type of encryption may also effect companies registered in the USA or making business in the USA. Please get in contact with us if you are not quite sure about possible restrictions you may face.