A reference is an important signal to anybody looking for partner. The better a reference shows quality and quantity of work the better a potential partner will refer to the owner of such a reference.
Therefore you can include your reference to this database in order to show your professional background.

This platform does allow two types of references:

1. References of desalination Plants you have been delivering material in
2. References of desalination Plants you have been delivering services in

Please follow the navigation to find out how to include your reference now.

Barter your Reference against another Reference. You do not need to pay thousands of Euro to get some Information you are looking for, you can just barter your Information.

How does it work: Send us the plants name you are looking for and the one you want to barter. We do check if this information is available and do answer your offer to barter.
You do send us your part and we do send you ours.
In case you want to continue to barter with more information we will set up an account for you to automate this process.

IMPORTAND: You do have all rights concerning the Information you do offer to barter and do guarantee this before you start his process to us.


Barter a Reference