DESALFACTS   does provide


1. 98% of all UN Countries with detailed water profiles – identify the main water trends driving opportunities and focus your business strategy.


2. dozens of Company -, University - and R&D Institute Profiles (108 detailed of more than 4.300 short profiled) – technical and financial details available. You need a new profile? Get in contact to find out more about partners and competitors.


3. 25 of 52 in-depth technology profiles of all known, upcoming, and future desalination technologies – understand how you can make use of this know-how.


4. several thousends of desalination plant profiles at a fast growing number due to the unique public barter process.


5. more than a thousand desalination patents – categorised and organised in systematic structures.


6. hundreds of R&D Articles – categorised and organised in systematic structures.


7. a functional “Google-like” own (no google!) search engine enabling every user a most selective search over ALL data.


8. the Desalination Business Intelligence (DESAL BI) and Desalfacts Mining tool enabling unreached speed and a combination of DESALFACTS and your own data keeping all data in your house.


9. “Salt Whisper” area talking about things before they become a trend.


10. the “News & Articles” section is giving R&D, engineers and other technical pepole the chance to read the latest news and articles.


Since 2014 partners of DESALFACTS have build up this new platform. In case your business is interested to learn more and participate please get in contact with DME via e-mail.

RSS Desalination News

  • Ketapang Regency Government will Receive Sea Water Desalination Grant – Indonesia 1st March 2024
    Martin said that regarding the grant from China, he had been communicating with PT for a long time. Ketapang Build Facilities (KBS). From this discussion it was discovered that there was a plan by the regional government to receive a grant in the form of a machine to process sea water into raw water. (Source) […]
  • Algarve desalination costs almost double – Portugal 29th February 2024
    n the early days, Águas do Algarve talked about the project costing “around €50 million”. That figure is now €90 million – the funding of which is to be covered by recovery and resilience funding (RRP) from Brussels. (Source) The post Algarve desalination costs almost double – Portugal appeared first on Desalination Institute DME - Water Desalination […]
  • CM Stalin opens desal plant, 9 lakh to get drinking water – Chennai, India 28th February 2024
    Two 100 MLD plants are already functioning in Minjur in Tiruvallur district and Nemmeli. In August 2023, Stalin laid the foundation for 400 MLD capacity desalination plant at Perur in Chengalpattu district. When the Perur plant becomes operational, it will be the biggest desalination plant in Southeast Asia, the state government had said. (Source) The […]
  • Balikpapan City Government Plans to Desalinate Water at the Manggar River Estuary – Indonesia 27th February 2024
    "Until now, the investment value for the water desalination program has not yet been determined because the City Government is evaluating the water flow requirements required. Even though there is a water shortage in Balikpapan in the range of 200-500 liters per second, the exact investment figure is still being determined. (Source) The post Balikpapan City […]
  • Veolia And TotalEnergies Power Oman’s Largest Solar Farm For Desalination Plant – Oman 26th February 2024
    Developed in partnership between Veolia and TotalEnergies, the solar plant is a significant step toward decarbonization efforts in the region, as it is expected to reduce approximately 27,200 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to the emissions from roughly 6,000 internal combustion engine-powered vehicles over the same period. (Source) The post Veolia And TotalEnergies Power […]



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